Boaters need to speak up now to protect the future of the Erie Canal

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A bill that could have a major negative consequence for the New York State Canal System is moving quickly in Albany. Boaters need to speak up now to prevent this proposal from moving forward and ask the Governor to engage in an open, transparent process to ensure the future of this historic waterway, not only for the recreational boaters in New York and beyond, but for the communities along its length.

You can easily Tweet Governor Cuomo using the prefilled message asking he remove the 30-day budget amendment TED Bill Part VV, also known as the “New York State Canal System Revitalization act,” which was introduced in the budget process at the last minute with no opportunity for public input. Feel free to add your own views on this proposal.

Some background:

The Erie Canal is a vital, historic link not only for New York boaters but those traveling to the Great Lakes and Canada. It serves as an important recreational connection and an economic engine for many communities along its banks.
BoatUS believes the Act, in creating a new “New York State Canal System Revitalization Trust,” would change the operating structure so to make management of the canal system even less transparent than it currently is, remove state accountability, and forever hinder the economic viability of the canal with weak funding sources. It would give major authority to unelected administrative officials with no clear method for public input, replacing the current open and transparent Canal Recreationway Commission and its public oversight role.

BoatUS believes that any major organizational overall of this historic waterway should not be done through a rushed legislative process with no opportunity for public debate.

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